Nanjing Sanjay Medicine Technology Co., Ltd., located in Nanjing Jiangning Zijin branch Fangshan Park. With the help of rapid development, in vivo observation, low cost advantages of zebrafish, we developed international advanced genomic editing technology and the related in vivo imaging, molecular biology, behavior analysis and other modern biotechnology, which can offer the service of making stable transgenic, knockout and knockin zebrafish strains and related techniques to investigators in biological research and production, biomedical research and environmental monitoring etc.

Our company now has 200 square meters of space for breeding zebrafish; 3 sets of independent cultivation system carrying 100 000 zebrafish breeding; molecular laboratory; micromanipulation laboratory and fluorescence imaging laboratory, and can quickly make different lines and the related studies. So far, we have signed the contracts with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, universities and hospitals and other institutions for developing different zebrafish models which are used for basic research, disease and drug development. We believe that: Being customer-centric and cooperation with customers, we will promote the development of biological science and human health with our customers.

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